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Mexico|HGT awarded contract with BH in American refining market

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-01-17      Origin: Site

Recently, HGT has won the order of Baker Hughes Dos Bocas Refinery project in Mexico, and will provide the crowd-installed module condensate flash unit for this project. This is the second cooperation after the previous cooperation of 9 sets of vapor seal coolers.


Is building in the Dos Bocas oil refinery is located in the Mexican state of tabasco, Mexico's state oil company PEMEX and weather for its owners and operators, hangzhou steam auxiliaries for the equipment will be used in 17 project under construction of processing equipment, including a joint distillation unit, a delayed coking unit, a fluidized catalytic cracking unit, A naphtha hydrotreating unit, a naphtha reforming unit, a sulfur recovery plant, a gas recovery and treatment facility and a hydrogen production plant, etc. With a daily production capacity of 340,000 barrels (BPD), the Dos Bocas refinery is capable of producing 170,000 barrels (BPD) of gasoline and 120,000 barrels (BPD) of ultra-low sulfur diesel. Upon completion, it will be Mexico's largest refinery.


In the more than 10 years of cooperation between HGT and Baker Hughes, every time the full cooperation reflects the customer's trust in the company's technical ability and productivity, which makes the company gradually break out of many European and American suppliers and enter into America and the world.

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