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Jiangsu, China|HGT Surface Condenser Successfully Put Into Operation for Huaneng Jiangyin Combined Cycle Cogeneration Project

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-29      Origin: Site

Huaneng Jiangyin Combined Cycle Cogeneration Project (2*400MW) completed 168 hours of trial operation for 2 sets of power generation equipment, in which 2 sets of HGT surface condensers equipped for Siemens steam turbines was highly praised by the end user and Siemens for the stable and safe operation performance. We are proud to announce that HGT surface condenser managed to assist the end user to achieve the goal for plant operation and production within end of year 2020.


The surface condenser was supplied in modules and assembled in a whole on end user’s plant site. It is essential for solving the transportation problem caused by large volume and improving assembling efficiency on site. Against covid-19, HGT also faced limited assembling space and  restraint use of cranes for varied equipment were delivered on site at same time. However, we tried to cooperate with end user in every aspect and fulfill all their demands. We eventually managed to assemble 2 sets of surface condenser 2 months ahead of stipulated time.

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This project in completion will hold the annual power generation capacity for 4.4 billion kwh, and the annual heating capacity for 2 million tons, which would meet the demand of central heating in Chengnan District of Jiangyin City. It is noticeable that 4 thermal power enterprises and 81 small coal-fired boiler-based companies in the original Chengnan area of Jiangyin City will be replaced for its severe pollution on environment. The thermal efficiency of this project could reach at 74.93% and nitrogen oxide emission will be less than 10 mg per standard. It promises no emission of waste water and reduced emission of smoke and dust, which promotes the sustainable development and energy saving of local economy.


HGT against the backdrop of carbon-neutral goal in China will persistently contribute to the development of clean energy industry!

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