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Indonesia | 1st Condenser Delivered to BP Cakra Donya

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-11-24      Origin: Site

HGT delivered a set of skid-mounted surface condenser on time against covid-19, which will be applied in BP (British Petroleum) ‘Cakra Donya PTA Revamp Project’ in Indonesia to replace previous American produced condensing system to upgrade overall production capacity.


It is the first-time direct cooperation between HGT and BP. We have to admit that several challenges faced even it is our conventional product.

Time and mutual understanding were required more by virtual conference orientated communication due to protection measures against covid-19. Sound accommodation of world-class standards and requirements was essential by cooperating with a global team consisted of BP China and Indonesia, TechnipFMC Indonesia, Singapore, and Italy. In addition, there were more difficulties such as limited manufacturing time, complicate technological process, delicate skid-mounted requirements with full consideration from functions to transportation limitation and others.



However, HGT made it by positively identifying actual demands of the end user, and properly taking actions in response to provisional alteration requirements on steel structure and painting, which was highly praised by BP and TechnipFMC teams.

Let’s look forward to more overseas projects supported by HGT!

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