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Hangzhou,China丨ExxonMobil, SEI and ELLIOTT visited HTAC/HGT

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-13      Origin: Site

ExxonMobil, SEI and ELLIOTT recently visited the company in order to improve understanding after the company signed a condensate system supply contract with ELLIOTT in April for exxonMobil's 1.6 MTA ethylene project in Huizhou.

The project is ExxonMobil's first major petrochemical project in China.

Weidong Zhao, deputy general manager of the company, led the team to welcome the arrival of ExxonMobil, SEI and ELLIOTT. The meeting was held in a harmonious atmosphere, ExxonMobil explained the background of the project and put forward high requirements for the overall project schedule control. Beyond that Rodney Webb, ExxonMobil Project Manager, thanked the HTAC/HGT for their hospitality and praised the company's efficient and close cooperation in the early stage of the project implementation.

The next day, Yi Hu, deputy general manager of the company, received the delegation to visit the factory, and made a detailed introduction to the core products, such as water cooled condenser system, air cooled condenser system and oil supply system, as well as the manufacturing process of the products. The delegation highly recognized the first-class production capacity and manufacturing level of the Guoneng factory.

During the trip to Hangzhou, ExxonMobil team fully understood the company's capabilities, laid a solid foundation of trust in the smooth execution and delivery of the project, and expressed their expectations for future cooperation.

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