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HGT and SIEMENS Signed A Framework Agreement on Oil&Gas Industry -A new stage of cooperation expected for mutual win

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-08      Origin: Site

On 3rd Sept 2020, HGT was invited by SIEMENS Energy Co., Ltd. for ‘SIEMENS Year 2020 Product Supplier Day’. HGT made a speech as the excellent supplier of SIEMENS and officially signed a framework agreement with SIEMENS on Oil&Gas industry, which is expected as the consolidation of long-term cooperation throughout the whole industry chain.

SIEMENS started with series of reports and presentations on an analysis of macro environment and market patterns, supply chain cooperation and development, assurance of product quality, future plans and goals of SITH, etc. , which delivered its strategic goals on cooperation for mutual win.


Best In Cost Value Engineering Award

HGT was the only winner of Best In Cost Value Engineering Award. General manager Liefeng, Wang attended the award ceremony and delivered a speech on  Cooperation for Development, Aim for Double-win, which shared our story of the 15-year-cooperation with SIEMENS and encompassed information on our development achievement, technology innovation, quality assurance, management strategy and future goals. 


Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony

The highlight was the framework agreement signing ceremony, in which HGT as one of the representative officially signed with SIEMENS on Oil&Gas Industry. It was the last step to establish a comprehensive cooperation from power plant to oil&gas industry with supply of all our star products as surface condenser, air-cooled condenser and lube oil unit. (May, 2019 signed an agreement on power plant industry. May, 2020 signed an agreement on SIEMENS process Instrumentation) We are proud to announce that we managed to be the smart partner of SIEMENS instead of supplier only.


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