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Czech Republic丨HGT visited Doosan Skoda Headquarters in the Czech Republic

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-12      Origin: Site

In order to strengthen the strategic partnership between HGT and European steam turbine manufacturer, and jointly expand domestic and foreign business, Weidong Zhao, the deputy general manager of HGT, led a team to the Czech Republic from August 3rd to 4th, 2023, for a two-day visit and exchange with Doosan Skoda.


Skoda was founded in the 1860s (1869), the first steam turbine came out in 1927, and is committed to the steam turbine and complete set of related auxiliary equipment business, in 2009, it was acquired by Doosan Heavy Industries and changed its name to Doosan Skoda. It is widely involved in small and medium-sized power generation business (including nuclear power), and has strong competitiveness in generator sets below 350MW.

HGT established initial contact with Skoda in 2015, in recent years, with the improvement of mutual trust, five project contracts have been signed for a total of three Water Cooled Condenser and three Lube Oil Console.


In this meeting, Mr. Skala, Purchasing Director of Skoda, sorted out its annual key projects and introduced the key layout areas in overseas markets, hoped that the two parties could continue to cooperate fully in the existing execution and bidding projects, maintain full communication, pay attention to user requirements, and ensure product quality. Mr. Ondrej, the executive director of the project, made a summary of the delivered projects and put forward improvement requirements, for the recently newly signed "Saudi Arabia Jafurah 270MW Combined Heat and Power Project" and "Kazakhstan 240MW CCPP Project", the importance of contract performance was reiterated.

Afterwards, we introduced ours development in recent years, hoping to deepen cooperation in the air cooled condenser, as the topic deepened, the two sides discussed the possibility of signing a framework agreement, and discussed sensitive issues such as the impact and potential risks of the Russia-Ukraine war on both parties. Skoda expressed its willingness to provide technical guidance and support in new business areas. At the same time, it expects to make new breakthroughs in the cooperation in the air cooled condenser and complete set of auxiliary equipment business, achieving a win-win cooperation. HGT will also seize the opportunity of this in-depth exchange and continue to explore new markets, new customers and new fields.

We are committed to leading the development of China auxiliary equipment for turbomachinery; taking active actions in response to challenges from global equipment manufacturing industry.
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