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Congratulation! HGT obtain green packaging behavior certificate!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-07-26      Origin: Site

In response to the national call for energy conservation and environmental protection, HGT actively promotes the use of green packaging to package goods, and has formulated the "Green Packaging, warehousing and Transportation (Plan Implementation) Program". The scheme is led by the Packing Section to standardize the procurement of packaging, packaging operation process, warehousing and transportation, recycling of packaging resources and other relevant systems and measures. According to the relevant standards and the status quo of the enterprise industry, green packaging behavior certification has been obtained by professional evaluation institutions.

The company implements the use of green packaging, packaging recycling, resource reuse behavior, in line with GB/T 37422, GB/T 16716, GB/T 31268, GB/T 23350 and other standards related requirements.

Green Package can also be called pollution-free packaging and environment-friendly packaging. It refers to the packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and recycled, and is in line with sustainable development.

Green packaging has been the attention of the whole international community, the concept of environmental consumption is increasingly popular, HGT actively promote green packaging can not only reduce environmental pollution, maintain ecological balance, but also comply with the needs of the development trend of environmental protection at home and abroad, with practical actions to contribute to the global green and low-carbon development.

We are committed to leading the development of China auxiliary equipment for turbomachinery; taking active actions in response to challenges from global equipment manufacturing industry.
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