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Siemens AG China SVP Zhang Tiangui Visited HGT to Confirm Framework Agreement

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-06-10      Origin: Site

Siemens SVP Zhang Tiangui and his delegates visited HGT workshop in Tangqi, Zhejiang (China) on 10th June 2020. HGT GM Wang Liefeng, Deputy GM Zhao Weidong and the related team made the reception and conducted the communication on in-depth collaboration with Siemens AG. 

Siemens AG has been the most important customer since the establishment of HGT. A stable and firm business cooperation has been set and kept persistently, which is highly emphasized and cherished by the leadership as it is the long-term win-win relationship. Thus collaboration for Oil&Gas industry has been actively promoted and negotiated after business cooperation of framework agreement signed on power plant industry between Siemens AG and HGT in year 2018. The business agreement in Oil& Gas industry is estimated to be signed at the end of this June after thorough technical and business communication.

During this visit, SVP Zhang constantly mentioned his approval on HGT and expressed his expectations for the further cooperation with HGT. Comprehensive collaboration is expected to be launched following the agreement in Oil&Gas industry, by which both sides are confident in embracing market challenges with the intimate business bond.

HGT GM Wang expressed full confidence in future with high admiration on this new mode of collaboration with Siemens AG.

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