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Leadership from Group and Parent Company visited HGT for Inspection on Work Resumption Status

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-02-25      Origin: Site

On 25th February 2020, Yang Yongming, members of the party committee and deputy general manager of the Group, Ye Zhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the parent company (HTC), Li Jiansheng, deputy general manager of HTC, Jiang Yiping, deputy director of general office (Group), Ji Ming, deputy director of safety technology and security department (HTC) and others came to HGT to inspect and guide the resumption of work and related safety issues, accompanied by Wang Liefeng (HGT general manager), Fang Yifan (HGT deputy manager) and Hu Yi(HGT deputy manager).

During the workshop visit, the management thoroughly inquired about the measures undertaken to prevent novel coronavirus, return rates of staff and status of production resumption.

In the meeting, Ji Ming (deputy director of safety technology and security department in HTC) confirmed that the safety management and production resumption were in a good status.

Deputy General Manager Li emphasized that HGT must furnish the surveillance and management work on production resumption, be detail-oriented on preventing and controlling work of virus spreading, be strict with two bottom lines of environmental protection and safe production, and thus realize the double wins in virus prevention and high-quality production.

General Manager Ye required a sound coordination on company resources in order to be well organized to recover the production capabilities of workshops. All departments at all levels of the company shall strive to ensure the production targets of this year, based on global views, enlarged sense of overall situation, and firmly united thoughts. 

At the same time, we must be confident, united and face the difficulties bravely, and thus strictly implement varied registration and observation measures of staff and vehicles, strengthen the management of gathering area like workshops, and guarantee the life support for staff.

In the end, Deputy General Manager Yang (Group) pointed out that we should strengthen the implement of the epidemic prevention and control measures, resolutely win the war against the virus. We must ensure the double wins on epidemic prevention and safe production. 

HGT management were required to carefully implement epidemic control as required, scientifically arrange production, and strictly undertake safe production against the background of effective epidemic control.

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