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Kunming, China|HGT Won A New Contract from Siemens AG Lube Oil Unit Applied in Air Separation Industry

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-10-21      Origin: Site

A recent contract signed between HGT and Siemens AG on Lube Oil Unit in air separation industry was an enthralling result from formerly established framework agreement. The Lube oil unit will be applied in Oxygen Generation Station in Supply Structural Reform and Environmental Protection Transformation project for Kunming Iron and Steel Co.,Ltd.

 EPC is Hangzhou Oxygen Plant Group, and Siemens AG will supply the air compressor. With the completion of this project, Kunming Iron Steel new developmental area will be in the production capacity of 5.4 million ton per year and turn into international and advanced iron steel manufacture demonstration base meeting the idea of future developmental trends.


Dedication into Excellence

Support from Siemens AG and end user owes to dedication on research and development on lube oil unit in recent years. Our company emphasizes on marketing dynamics, customers demands, internal technology innovation, craft methodology and supply chain upgrade, with persistent exploration on better performance and best products.

Our lube oil unit thus were widely accepted in world famous projects as Hengli petrochemical 20MMTA, Shenghong 16MMTA refining and chemical integration project, Satellite petrochemical Lianyungang 1250 KTA Ethylene Project and others, and thus achieved high reputation within industries.



Long-standing Cooperation

It is recognized as the milestone on all-round cooperation between HGT and Siemens since this is the first contract achieved within framework agreement signed in Sep. 2020 with products supply extending from water-cooled condenser to lube oil unit.

It has been 22 years cooperation from our first contract in 1988 with Siemens AG, and over 100 contracts with water-cooled condenser supply were achieved.

Long-term cooperation, recent achievement in lube oil unit and our positive technical proposal encouraged Siemens to award new lube oil unit contract in air separtaion industry to HGT.

It is noticeable that direct cooperation achieved with 3 world renowned steam turbine or compressor company- Siemens AG, MCO, EETC.


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