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Japan丨HGT visited Mitsubishi and Elliott

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-08-13      Origin: Site

From August 7 to 11, 2023, the general manager of HGT, Zhanchi Wang led the team to visit MCO and EETC headquarters for the first time, and it was also the company's first trip to Japan after the COVID-19.

With the steady progress of the two international large-scale ethylene projects, Borouge 4 in the UAE and CP Chem USGC-II in the USA, MCO highly recognized HGT's ability to execute important overseas projects, and planed to visit HGT to discuss the possibility of follow-up project cooperation.


The meeting was organized by General Manager and Deputy General Manager of the Purchasing Department of MCO, Mr. Ono and Mr. Matsumoto, dozens of experts from engineering and sales participated in the meeting to discuss the current project implementation and exchange ideas on future market development. Since MCO has been deeply involved in the field of gas compressors for a long time, its development momentum in the emerging industry CCUS is rapid, especially in North America and the Middle East.

Mr. Wang expressed gratitude to MCO for its long-term support. HGT will spare no effort to continue to deliver satisfactory answers, continue to innovate to match the development trend of the market, and is full of confidence in the cooperation on the CCUS. In this regard, MCO stated that it will also arrange to discuss relevant cooperation opportunities in the future, and planed to visit HGT in 2023 to deepen the depth and breadth of cooperation.

Crossing the Tokyo Bay and coming to the headquarters of EETC, the President Fei Xu proposed to work with HGT to break the country of origin restrictions and promote a development model of mutual cooperation and common progress, it is necessary to actively explore upstream customers. This is a challenge for HGT, but certainly in line with the development plan.


With the escalation of global warming, talked of "carbon neutrality", Ms. Zhang, leader of EETC's sustainable development department, shared EETC's plan for the next 30 years. EBARA Group will uniformly plan compressors, Steam turbine and pump business, and increase the development and utilization of hydrogen energy related fields. At the same time, she said that CO2 emission optimization data will become an important standard in the evaluation of an enterprise in the future, and recommended that HGT considering the possibility of adopting green electricity and green energy in the future.

During the meeting, Mr. Xu expressed his desire to continue to deepen the partnership between the two parties. Mr. Wang also said that the company will continue  to improve the company's overall capabilities for providing better services, consolidate the position of both parties in the fierce market competition, and conspire to develop in emerging industries.

This Japan visiting not only clarified direction for increasing the viscosity of the cooperation between the two parties, but also learned about the rapid change of the concept of the industry's leading enterprises in the transformation of the energy market, providing a platform for HGT to embrace new opportunities and new momentum in the budding stage of the rising energy market.

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