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China|HGT provides the best after-sales service

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-02      Origin: Site

Since the beginning of 2021, HGT`s customer service staff have been working in Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., Pinghu Xinfengming Dushan Energy Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and other key project sites, devoting themselves to on-site installation guidance, commissioning and operation of the company's products, and on-site equipment transformation.


Completed the renovation and follow-up coordination of two condensers of Xinfengming PTA Phase I FJ2018-023/024


Implement on-site rectification of on-site problems and installation guidance for units of Zhejiang Petrochemical Phase II Project:


HGT`s customer service staff to uphold the company mission, and values of beginner's mind, consciousness of customer oriented attitude, along with growing their business literacy at the same time, the performance of the company's contract spirit and efficient execution, interpretation of "help everyone" sense of mission, continue to maintain customer relationships, hand in hand with customers to create value.

We are committed to leading the development of China auxiliary equipment for turbomachinery; taking active actions in response to challenges from global equipment manufacturing industry.
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