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  • 10-06-2020

    Siemens SVP Zhang Tiangui and his delegates visited HGT workshop in Tangqi, Zhejiang (China) on 10th June 2020. HGT GM Wang Liefeng, Deputy GM Zhao Weidong and the related team made the reception and conducted the communication on in-depth collaboration with Siemens AG.

  • 17-04-2020

    One of world top 3 renowned gas production operator as U.S Air Products recently awarded 2 surface condenser contracts to HTAC&HGT for a direct cooperation on ‘Henan Junhua Coal Gasification Transformation Project with 70,000 Nm³/h ASU’ and ‘Jiangsu Debang Chemical Industry 35 KT/y Synthetic Ammonia Project with 50,000 Nm³/h ASU ’.

  • 05-03-2020

    BP for its project ‘EPCM CAKRA DONYA PTA PhaseⅡ’ has confirmed to award the condensing system part to HTAC/HGT for the upgrade plan in year 2020. HTAC/HGT, instead of current condensing system supplier Graham from the U.S, wined the contract for its outstanding technical proposal and accumulated cus

  • 25-02-2020

    On 25th February 2020, Yang Yongming, members of the party committee and deputy general manager of the Group, Ye Zhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the parent company (HTC), Li Jiansheng, deputy general manager of HTC, Jiang Yiping, deputy director of general office (Group), Ji Ming, deputy director of safety technology and security department (HTC) and others came to HGT to inspect and guide the resumption of work and related safety issues, accompanied by Wang Liefeng (HGT general manager), Fang Yifan (HGT deputy manager) and Hu Yi(HGT deputy manager).

  • 21-02-2020

    In the morning of 21st February 2020, Zhen Bin, chairman of the group, Tao Xiongwei, deputy members of the committee, Chen Mingliang, deputy director of general office, and others visited HGT for the inspection and supervision of epidemic prevention work and resumption status of production.

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