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USA丨HGT signed a large ethylene project, added new achievements in overseas petrochemical field

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-03      Origin: Site

Recently, the company successfully signed a supply contract for CP Chem USGC-II project in the United States to serve Mitsubishi compressor and provide condensing system for it.

CP Chem USGC-II Petrochemical Project is a joint investment between Chevron Phillips Chemicals and Qatar Petroleum announced in 2019. The project is located on the U.S. Gulf Coast with an investment of approximately $8 billion. The U.S. Gulf Coast II Petrochemical Project will include a 2,000 KTA ethylene cracker and two 1,000 KTA high-density polyethylene units. The site's location would be in the Gulf Coast region, where is direct access to the significant shale natural gas liquid reserves of the Permian Basin, will help meet the growing demand of the global petrochemical products market, greatly easing the pressure of supply and demand.

The project will deliver products to the United States again after JUMBO 1000KTA PET& 1200KTA PTA Project、BEAUMONT LMA_USA 60000m3/H ASU Project and Fluor South Louisiana Methanol Plant I Project, cumulative supply will reach 10 sets.

The petrochemical project is scheduled to begin operations in 2024, while the two companies will build another world-class petrochemical plant in Ras Laffan, Qatar. HGT is in active communication, and the end user may continue to work with HGT if CP Chem USGC-II goes smoothly.

In the future, HGT will continue its original aspiration to provide high performance turbine auxiliary equipment for customers in petrochemical, power generation, air separation, metallurgy and offshore equipment, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

We are committed to leading the development of China auxiliary equipment for turbomachinery; taking active actions in response to challenges from global equipment manufacturing industry.
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