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Kunming|China Hangyang Kungang Air Separation Compressor Lubricating Oil Station Passed Siemens Energy's Acceptance One Time

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-27      Origin: Site

In August 2021, Siemens Energy visited HGT`s Factory to check and accept the compressor lubricating oil station of Kunming Steel Air Separation Project. The general contractor of the project is a well-known air separation contractor-Hangyang Co., Ltd., which serves the supporting drive system of the ironmaking blast furnace of Kunming Iron and Steel Holding Co., Ltd. The entire acceptance process simulates on-site operation under full working conditions. From pipeline orientation, instrument wiring, single and double pump switching, low pressure self-starting, oil pressure adjustment, cleanliness, etc., a full-scale "physical examination" was carried out on the oil station, and finally Make sure that the equipment meets the requirements of the specification and meets the factory conditions.


As the world's leading multinational company, Siemens Energy always selects HGT with a rigorous and truthful attitude. In September 2020, the two parties signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement; in November 2020, HGT stood out among many competitors and successfully bid for the first order for the lubricating oil station of Siemens Energy Air Separation Compressor. At the beginning of the project’s self-establishment, all departments attached great importance to it, took every detail of the project seriously, continuously communicated with customers, listened carefully to customer suggestions, timely improved the shortcomings, perfected the manufacturing process, and laid down the final one-time acceptance of the project. A solid foundation. The successful delivery of the lubricating oil station of the Kunshan Iron and Steel Project is a continuation of the strategic cooperation with Siemens Energy and will definitely have a profound impact on the subsequent cooperation between the two parties.

In recent years, HGT has continuously increased the development of the petrol station market, tapped its own potential, and accumulated direct and indirect supporting experience with internationally renowned compressor manufacturers such as MAN, Elliott, MCO, BH, Atlas, etc., and practiced “assisting the world” with practical actions. 

We are committed to leading the development of China auxiliary equipment for turbomachinery; taking active actions in response to challenges from global equipment manufacturing industry.
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